Business is hard.  Competition is tough.  Lessons are learned through experience.

I have had the good fortune of working with a network of professionals that bring tremendous knowledge, experience and wisdom to business issues.  Leveraging the collective talent of this team brings insight and accelerates success.

The arc of my life can be summarized in three stages.  The first 25 years focused on learning.  The next 30 years focused on actively "doing" - growing businesses, leading and learning.  And now the third stage has begun, passing along knowledge that has been gained over the years.

Justus Equity

just•us \'jəs(t)-əs\ adj., Latin. - guided by truth, reason, justice and fairness

Growth creates opportunity.  Opportunity leads to transition planning for entrepreneurs.  Transition planning should include all possible options.  ESOPs can be a powerful alternative.  Simplifying and demystifying employee ownership is a core strength of Justus Equity. IF, and I do mean IF, employee ownership is the right transition plan, it can be implemented to sustain and grow your business as well as retain your legacy.

my story:  David Drews  CPA, MBA